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Standard Pantheon

  • Greater Dieties
    • Boccob, god of magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight.
    • Corellon Larethian, god of elves, magic, music, and arts. (also a demihuman power)
    • Garl Glittergold, god of gnomes, humor, and gemcutting. (also a demihuman power)
    • Gruumsh, god of orcs. (also a monster power)
    • Lolth, intermediate goddess of the drow, spiders, evil and darkness. (also the monster power of Drow and a nondeity power) (Deities & Demigods)
    • Moradin, god of dwarves. (also a demihuman power)
    • Nerull, god of death, darkness, murder and the underworld.
    • Pelor, god of sun, light, strength and healing. More humans worship Pelor than any other deity.
    • Wee Jas, goddess of magic, death, vanity, and law.
    • Yondalla, goddess of halflings. (also a demihuman power)
  • Intermediate deities
    • Ehlonna, goddess of forests, woodlands, flora & fauna, and fertility.
    • Erythnul, god of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness, and slaughter.
    • Fharlanghn, god of horizons, distance, travel, and roads.
    • Heironeous, god of chivalry, justice, honor, war, daring, and valor.
    • Hextor, god of war, discord, massacres, conflict, fitness, and tyranny.
    • Kord, god of athletics, sports, brawling, strength, and courage.
    • Obad-Hai, god of nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting, and beasts.
    • Olidammara, god of music, revels, wine, rogues, humor, and tricks.
    • Saint Cuthbert, god of common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth, and discipline.
  • Lesser Deities
    • Vecna, god of destructive and evil secrets.

Dværgenes Pantheon

  • Abbathor, intermediate god of greed.
  • Berronar Truesilver, intermediate goddess of safety, truth, home and healing.
  • Clanggedin Silverbeard, intermediate god of battle and war.
  • Dugmaren Brightmantle, lesser god of scholarship, discovery and invention.
  • Dumathoin, intermediate god of exploration and mining.
  • Hanseath, lesser god of war, carousing and alcohol.
  • Laduguer, intermediate god of magic weapons, artisans, magic and duergar.
  • Moradin, greater god of all dwarves, as well as creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft and stonework.
  • Muamman Duathal, lesser god of expatriates, urban dwarves, travellers and exiles.
  • Mya, greater goddess of clan, family and wisdom.
  • Roknar, lesser god of greed, intrigue, lies and earth.
  • Tharmekhûl, demigod of the forge, fire and warfare.
  • Thautam, intermediate god of magic and darkness.
  • Valkauna, intermediate goddess of oaths, death and birth.
  • Vergadain, intermediate god of wealth and luck.

Elvernes Pantheon

  • Alobal Lorfiril, demigod of hedonism, mirth, magic and revelry.
  • Aerdrie Faenya, intermediate goddess of air, weather, avians, rain and fertility.
  • Corellon Larethian, greater god of all elves, as well as magic, music, arts, crafts, warfare and poetry.
  • Deep Sashelas, intermediate god of aquatic elves, oceans, knowledge, beauty and water magic.
  • Elebrin Liothiel, intermediate god of nature, gardens, orchards and harvest.
  • Erevan Ilesere, intermediate god of mischief, change and rogues.
  • Fenmarel Mestarine, lesser deity of wild elves, outcasts, scapegoats and isolation.
  • Hanali Celanil, intermediate goddess of love, romance, beauty, fine art and artists.
  • Labelas Enoreth, intermediate god of time, longevity and history.
  • Rillifane Rallathil, intermediate god of wood elves, woodlands, nature and druids.
  • Sehanine Moonbow, intermediate goddess of mysticism, dreams, far journeys, death, full moons and transcendence.
  • Shevarash, lesser deity of vengeance, loss, crusades and hatred of the drow.
  • Solonor Thelandira, intermediate god of archery, hunting and wilderness survival.
  • Vandria Gilmadrith, intermediate goddess of war, guardianship, justice, grief, vigilance and decision.

standard guderne

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